School presentations & Appearances


Author visits are wonderful! They are beneficial to author, student, and teacher. They can inspire children, making them want to write better and read more. A successful author visit will leave your school and your children richer from the experience.


My presentations last 30 to 45 minutes for each group, depending on age of each audience. I usually give between 3 to 5 presentations during my one-day visit.

Presentations include reading my book to each group, having a discussion and sharing ideas and thoughts about the story, and a Question & Answer Session. With the older children, I also discuss how they too can become an Author. I take them through how I create a book, from the inception of the idea, to hiring and working with an Illustrator, to how I self-published the books.

My vision and hope is not only to entertain the children, but to get the children to speak about their dreams, and show the students the fun of reading and writing.

I like to inspire them to follow and write about their own unique visions and dreams, so with the teacher’s approval, I encourage them to write a story of their own, or draw a picture, again depending on the age of the group, and to share it with their class. You can see some examples of these on my Photo Page.
It is best if you can arrange a classroom or assembly room for me to do the presentation. In this way, I am stationery and each group can come into wherever space you have chosen. I bring an easel and a beautiful blow-up of my book, which the children love to see.

Planning Ahead

After choosing a date and time of my visit, it is a good idea to discuss the number of presentations you would like me to give, the length of each session, the age groups I will be addressing, and the size of each audience. I do not charge for travel costs as other Authors do. However I do require an honorarium, taking into consideration your school’s budget. This can be discussed when we speak.

Pre-ordering books for the day of the event

Upon choosing a date for my visit, I will email you a flyer/order form to be sent home with the children prior to my visit. Since I personalize, autograph and date each book, it is most helpful if this is done a few weeks in advance. As the orders are received, your school representative can email me the first names of each child, and I can have all pre-orders signed in advance. By doing this, I do not take any time away from my presentation by having to sign a large number of books while there. Of course, if there is anyone who did not pre-order and would like to order the day of my visit, I will be happy to personalize and sign those books as well.